AI isn’t a silver bullet – but it can get close if you consider the right AI tools

AI and the way it shapes our society has come a long way from the early days in Alan Turing’s labs, from totally replacing smartphone apps to generating incredible new images in under two seconds. It’s no wonder then that many businesses are bought into and benefitting from AI-based tools and platforms. In fact, a recent IDC report found that 71% of businesses are already using AI while 22% plan to in the next 12 months.

However, to truly realize the benefits of AI, businesses need to carefully consider how much they are reliant on humans to assess the output of AI tools and solutions, and if this is actually enabling them to gain business value or make a meaningful difference. From this will come the opportunity to explore exactly how human beings and technology working in tandem is the answer to unlocking real AI implementation value.

So why aren’t businesses seeing gains from AI?


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