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At Foundever™, recognizing the vital role of a safe and healthy work environment isn’t just a policy — it’s a fundamental human right and reflection of our commitment to our employees’ wellbeing.

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The importance of safety and health at work was reinforced by the International Labour Conference’s decision in June 2022 to embed “a safe and healthy working environment” firmly within the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) fundamental principles and rights at work. For us at Foundever, this decision echoes our longstanding belief in and dedication to creating a workplace that nurtures talent and ensures the safety and health of every individual.

The ILO’s decision underscores the importance of safety and health as pillars of workplace dignity and efficiency. Celebrating the World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28, Foundever embraces this global initiative as a crucial moment to reaffirm our collective effort towards safeguarding our workforce.

“As an organization of 170,000 associates worldwide, we celebrate today by creating awareness of how we take care of our people… Safety and health at work isn’t merely a set of rules and regulations, it’s a holistic approach to create a workplace that prioritizes the wellbeing of our people. By addressing risk and fostering a healthy culture, we create a foundation built on a healthy, motivated and engaged workforce, where employees thrive.”

Chris Knauer, Chief Security Officer, Foundever

Safe work ensures strong futures

For Foundever, a safe and healthy workplace is non-negotiable. It’s the backbone of a thriving, productive workforce. Additionally, aligning with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria — of which safety and health are important parts — underscores our commitment to the physical wellbeing of our employees as well as their holistic wellness and contributes to sustainable business practices.

Prevention of workplace-related accidents and diseases is a collective responsibility. Governments, employers and employees must work hand in hand to create environments where safety and health precautions are second nature. This requires robust national policies, stringent enforcement of occupational safety and health (OSH) legislation, and a culture of awareness and compliance at every level of an organization.

For example, at Foundever in Costa Rica, we do this with national legislation, internal policies, protocols and information that’s disseminated to all associates through posters displayed in our hubs and email communications for awareness.

One of the key areas where awareness can significantly impact is in the prevention of ergonomic risks and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). These conditions, often resulting from poor workplace ergonomics, can lead to significant discomfort and long-term health issues for employees. By prioritizing ergonomic assessments and adjustments, we can enhance employee comfort, satisfaction and productivity.

At Foundever, we have a team that conducts ergonomic checks. For example, the Health and Safety Team in Costa Rica performs ergonomic assessments in person or virtual to all associates who have presented an ergonomic problem, where the person’s position is reviewed, the location of equipment is checked and ergonomic equipment is assigned if necessary.

“Each of us plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of our people around the globe. Understanding the most common safety risks in our workplace and knowing specific industry concerns helps us work towards creating a safe and secure work environment.”

Maria Harju, EVP, Enterprise Operating Standards & Global Clients, Foundever

Ready, set, safeguard: Building a culture of preparedness

Beyond the physical aspects of workplace safety, working on preparedness through regular safety drills is a must-do. Earthquake and fire drills, for instance, play a crucial role in ensuring that our employees who work in our hubs are well-prepared for emergencies, potentially saving lives and minimizing injury.

Similarly, the mental and emotional wellbeing of our employees is a critical component of a healthy workplace. Mental wellness initiatives, such as mental health workshops, discussion sessions with psychology professionals, the employee assistance program and consultation services with our psychologists, contribute to creating a supportive environment in which employees feel valued and understood.

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing journey towards safer, healthier work environments. It’s a call to action for continuous improvement, innovation in safety practices, and building a culture where every employee feels valued, protected and heard. As we continue to advocate for these fundamental rights, we’re reminded of our journey toward achieving and maintaining a workplace that everyone can be proud of. At Foundever, we’re committed to making all our workplaces safe and healthy, today and every day. To read more about our ongoing efforts around safety and health at work, please download our latest ESG report.


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