The rise of the connected screen

The surge of connected screens across city landscapes is a testament to the power of dynamic digital communication. From the allure of digital billboards to the interactive displays at bus stops, these large format display screens have revolutionized how messages are conveyed to the public, blending aesthetics with functionality to capture attention and engage viewers like never before. Yet, as this digital transformation permeates public spaces, its adoption within the professional sphere—specifically in the workplace—lags. This disparity presents untapped potential that could redefine organizational communication and operations.

Public engagement vs. workplace communication

The contrast between the “screens that sell” in public domains and the “screens that communicate” in workplaces is stark. While the former harnesses cutting-edge technology to deliver captivating content, driving engagement and influencing behavior, the latter, despite being readily available, often remains underutilized, if not entirely overlooked. This discrepancy highlights a significant gap in how we value and leverage technology’s potential to foster connectivity and engagement across different contexts.


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