Questyle NHB15 review: wired earbuds for the high-res audiophile

Questyle NHB15 wired earbuds: Two-minute review

Questyle NHB15 on table with laptop

The NHB15’s USB-C connector allows for hookup to a computer or phone (Image credit: Future)

The Questyle NHB15 is phenomenal in a very specific way. It’s essentially a pair of wired IEMs (in-ear monitors) with a built-in DAC, which means you’re going to skip out on the kind of features we usually expect in the best earbuds while prioritizing crystal-clear lossless audio.

If you’re looking at these earbuds, things like active noise cancellation and an ambient mode are probably not top priorities, otherwise, you would probably be reading up on the Sony WF-1000XM5 by now. That’s not what the Questyle NHB15 is competing with. Instead, these are for people who value performance over convenience or extraneous features.


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