Best PS5 games: top PlayStation 5 titles to play right now

Only the best PS5 games will give you top-tier experiences on Sony’s current-gen console. Now that we’re into the fourth year of the console, the library is as expansive as ever, offering an enormous range of games to get stuck into, no matter what your go-to types, or favorite things to play are. To help make navigating that enormous library easier, we’ve distilled our top picks down to this very list, covering all the key beats when looking for awesome PS5 games to play. 

So whether you’re after a fast-paced shooter that pushes the console’s technical capabilities, a family-friendly adventure that showcases the DualSense controller’s innovative features, a simply stunning PS5 exclusive that will immerse you in its action, or something else entirely, you’ll find it here. Remember that there are more ways than ever to play PS5 games now too, and the PlayStation Portal is an exquisite way to take these games, and more, into your hands. However, you’ll have to check in with our PlayStation Portal restock tracker for tips and key links in trying to track down the new handheld gaming device given its popularity.


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